How did Wes's father die in The Other Wes Moore?

Wes's father dies in The Other Wes Moore due to a rare virus called acute epiglottis. What's particularly tragic about Mr. Moore's death is that it could have been avoided had his medical condition been diagnosed and treated in time.

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From the opening paragraphs, the author foreshadows the story of his father’s tragic, senseless death to follow. He further implies that demographics will be a factor in the outcome, since the Moore family lived

... right on the border of Maryland and Washington, D.C., stuck confusingly between two different municipal jurisdictions, a fact that would become very significant in the near future.

In relating the details of his father death , Moore suggests that the reason his father died so suddenly and preventably was due as much to the hospital’s callousness and negligence, as it was to the complications of the “rare but treatable virus” of the throat that sent the elder Westley Moore to seek help in the first place.

My father had entered the hospital seeking help. But his face was unshaven, his clothes disheveled, his name unfamiliar, his address not in an affluent area. The hospital looked at him askance, insulted him with ridiculous questions, and basically told him to fend for...

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