The Other Wes Moore

by Wes Moore

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What was Wes 2's alibi in The Other Wes Moore and did Wes 1 believe him?

Quick answer:

The other Wes doesn't believe that the other Wes was innocent.

Expert Answers

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The other Wes says that he wasn't there on the day of the robbery; the author doesn't seem to believe him.

The other Wes has a simple defense: he wasn't there when the armed robbery occurred and the police officer died. He doesn't have proof that he wasn't there. He only offers his word. Even after speaking with him for three years, he still tells the author that he simply wasn't there.

The author wonders whether the other Wes Moore believes that he can make his innocence true by repeating that claim. He thinks that perhaps the other man thinks he can reverse time and go back and be innocent. But it's clear that the author doesn't believe the other Wes Moore is innocent. He believes that he was there the night the jewelry store was robbed and Bruce Prothero was shot and killed.

Wes Moore was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2001.

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