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According to an eyewitness account, Wat Tyler went to meet the young King Richard II to lay out his demands for the peasantry that would bring the Peasant's Revolt of 1381 to an end. After Wat Tyler had gained a partial agreement from the king for the peasantry's demands it is alleged that Tyler washed out his mouth with water in a rude and common manner in front of the King. One of the King's valets accused Tyler of being a thief and in response Tyler tried to attack him. The mayor of London, William Walworth arrested Wat Tyler and for this Tyler stabbed the mayor. One of the King's men then struck Tyler with his sword. Tyler managed to clamber back onto his horse but did not go far until he fell. The peasants carried Tyler to the commoner's Hospital, St Bartholomews. News spread that the king was in danger from the peasants, and so upon the order of the Mayor, guards descended on the hospital, dragged Tyler out and had him beheaded. It is worth remembering that this eyewitness was on the side of King Richard. 

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