In The Good Earth, how did Wang Lung receive O-Lan as his wife?

Expert Answers
Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Wang Lung takes a wife, he treats the occasion with great seriousness and respect. Before he goes to the great House of Hwang to meet O-lan and bring her home, he cares for his old father, prepares his own humble home for the occasion, puts on his best clothing, and walks into town where he shops for food for their wedding dinner. After leaving the House of Hwang, he visits a temple with O-lan to observe the religious marriage custom before leaving the city. Once home, Wang Lung, his father, and his guests eat the wedding supper that has been prepared by O-lan in her new home.

Wang Lung, whose marriage had been arranged by his father, had never seen O-lan before their marriage. He eyes her objectively when they meet. He is disappointed in her "big feet," but believes he could have taken home a much less attractive woman. As a poor farmer, Wang Lung is satisfied with the slave he has been given. He has no way of realizing that this plain woman is the most remarkable person he will ever know.