How did Veronica and Oupa solve their conflict?

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Oupa’s discovery of a letter from Priscilla, Veronica's friend, inviting her to go to Johannesburg, marked the climax of the conflict between Oupa and Veronica. The letter from Priscilla was in response to Veronica’s request to move to Johannesburg, where Priscilla lived with her mother.

Veronica was opposed to her continued stay in the valley, where she worked as a servant for the white landowner. She had dreams of leaving the valley and pursuing music, among other ventures, in the city. Her grandfather, on the other hand, was opposed to this decision because of a previous tragedy in the family. Before Veronica was born, her mother ran away to the city. She later became terribly ill, forcing Veronica's grandmother to go to the city to stay with her. Unfortunately, Veronica's mother passed on, leaving behind Veronica as a little baby, who was raised by her grandparents.

Due to this terrible experience, Oupa feared for her granddaughter’s departure to the city. He prevented her from leaving, believing it would be the same mistake her mother made. However, Veronica had made up her mind, and to resolve the conflict, her reasons for leaving. She asserted that singing was her life, and she was obligated to tend to her passion and talent just as Oupa tended to his vegetables. In addition, she informed her grandfather that he raised her to be strong enough to survive in the bustling city. This convinced Oupa to yield to Veronica’s wishes, and he allowed her to leave for the city.

...Veronica comes to her Oupa to tell him that he must let her go. Like the pumpkin seeds he plants and tends so carefully, she tells him she, too, has grown up. She explains to him that her singing is her life, and she must tend it the way old Buks tends his vegetables. He warns her that it is a bad world outside of their little valley, but she insists that he has helped to make her strong, and the time for her to leave is now. Finally, old Buks gives Veronica his blessing...