How did the use of new technologies during World War I influence the war? Which side benefited the most from which technologies?

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New technologies were used in World War I. Both sides benefitted from the new technology. The Central Powers used several new technologies in World War I. The Germans used the Zeppelin to attack Allied sites. The Zeppelin was an airship that could carry bombs and travel over 100 miles per hour. The Germans also used a howitzer gun. This could fire shells over a long distance. The Germans used chlorine gas in World War I. This gas could kill if inhaled. The Germans developed the flamethrower. This basically fired a stream of liquid fire when used. Additionally, gas shells were used.

The Allies also used new technologies. The British developed the armored car called the Napier. The British air force used tracer ammunition. This allowed a pilot to see where his fired shots were going. The Allies used gas masks to counter the German use of chlorine gas. The American Army used the Browning machine gun. The Allies also introduced the tank as a weapon of war.

Both sides used airplanes. However, the use of airplanes was not a major factor in the war. It did signal that they would be a major factor in future wars.

Thus, both sides developed, used and benefited from new technology in World War I.

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