How Did The Us Government Mobilize The Economy For War

How did US mobilize economically and militarily for war?

This question refers to WWII.

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larrygates eNotes educator| Certified Educator

World War II was the second war in which the U.S. was engaged in which the economy was totally mobilized. Mobilization for the war effort was a major element in America's recovery from the Great Depression.

To facilitate the war effort, the Government created the War Production Board which saw industrial production converted to the production of war goods. Automobiles, refrigerators, washing machines, even typewriters were taken out of production and the steel used in their production was used for tanks and munitions. (There was no such thing as a 1943 Ford Automobile.) The most obvious conversion of metals was the production of pennies made of steel and zinc rather than copper in 1943.

Additionally gasoline, sugar, coffee, meat and tires were rationed by a coupon system. There were no publicly supported victory gardens or meatless Tuesdays, however the public were admonished to

Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without.

In addition to further mobilize the economy for the war effort, the government instituted wage and price controls. Those few labor unions which struck in response to wage controls saw their industries temporarily seized by the government. In one particular instance when the government temporarily seized Montgomery-Ward Company, the company''s CEO refused to vacate his office. When he did, government agents bodily carried him out.

goslingboy | Student

since the great depression was happening once war was declared every factory quickly started hiring labour and manufacturing war supplies so that they could get the awesome bonuses that the government was offering for quick production. after all the production started the economy started booming because soon women were the only people left for the labour because most men were drafted and in basic training