How did the US earn the role of "superpower" in the 20th century?

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The US ascension to superpower actually begins before the turn of the century. The US begins its quest for an empire during the late 1800s which gives the US international standing. However, it is not until the world wars of the 20th century that the US begins to assert itself as a global power. Due to the increase in production and the decline of unemployment during the war, the US economy came out of the wars stronger than before. However, following World War I, the US entered a period of isolationism as it looked to avoid entanglement in European affairs. It is not until after World War II that the US becomes a global superpower. Mostly because of the devestation caused in Europe by the style of figthing. The US established economic, diplomatic and military might due to the impact of the war on the us economy.

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