How did the U.S and the Soviet Union become Cold War adversaries ?

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Not along after the war, it became clear to the United States that the Soviet Union was intent on reneging on the agreements made during Yalta concerning democracy in Eastern Europe. The Soviets already had boots on the ground in this part of the world, and were determined that they would dominate the Eastern Bloc to prevent a repeat of the kind of Western invasion they'd experienced during World War II. To that end, they subverted the political systems of countries such as Poland to make sure that they ended up with reliable puppet governments that they could control.

Stalin's imperialist policy towards Eastern Europe indicated to the United States that the USSR couldn't be trusted. The US and the Soviet Union had always been ideological enemies, but Stalin's strategic designs on East European territory provided an added dimension to the growing hostility between the two superpowers. The Americans were worried that the Soviets would take their campaign of subversion a stage further and...

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