How did the United States react when Cuba pointed the missiles at our country?  

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In 1962, we received some very disturbing news. Our surveillance missions over Cuba indicated missile sites were being constructed, and missiles were being put in place directed at the United States and at Latin America. The Soviet Union was constructing these missiles sites and sending the missiles to Cuba. The United States immediately responded.

President Kennedy went before the American people on television and told the public what was happening, and how we were responding to the crisis. The United States put a naval blockade around Cuba. We said we would stop soviet ships heading to Cuba. We also indicated that any attack anywhere in the western hemisphere would be viewed as an attack on the United States. The United States raised it military alert status.

In addition to these public comments, there were private negotiations with the Soviet Union. Eventually, a deal was struck where we agreed not to invade Cuba, the Soviets would remove the missiles and dismantle the missile sites, and we would remove missiles that we had in Turkey.

With our swift and strong action, many people worried we were headed for nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Instead, through our public and private actions, a peaceful resolution to the crisis occurred.