How did the U.S. government deal with the problems faced after the civil war?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The United States government faced problems after the Civil War.  One of those problems was trying to figure out a way to bring the southern states back into the country. There were many reconstruction plans proposed regarding how to rebuild and readmit the southern states. Eventually, the Radical Republican plan prevailed and was used to reconstruct the South.

Another problem the government faced was how to help the former slaves.  They needed a lot of help and guidance.  Additionally, many southerners resisted the idea of equality and freedom for the slaves. The government created the Freedmen’s Bureau to help the former slaves.  This agency helped slaves do various things.  It helped establish schools for the former slaves.  It also gave them clothes, food, and medical care. The main purpose of this group was to help them adjust to being free.

The government had to heal the wounds caused by the Civil War.  This was much more easily said than done.