How did Truman's Fair Deal contrast with Eisenhower's "Modern Republicanism" approach?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you should probably look in your text because it probably gives you a particular answer you are supposed to remember.

To me, there is not a huge difference between these two approaches.  The texts I use to teach out of in my college classes say the same.  They point out that both Truman and Eisenhower were interested in keeping the government pretty involved in the economy.

For example, Eisenhower did not try to end social security and labor laws and farm programs.  Instead, he actually extended them to some extent.

So, to me, the difference between the two is very small.  Eisenhower was more concerned with keeping costs down than Truman was, but he was not really interested in cutting government back to a large degree.

As one of my books says Eisenhower's

presidency in the end served to legitimate the New Deal by keeping its basic structure and premises intact during an era of prosperity.

So if your question is saying there's a big difference between the two, your book clearly disagrees with mine...

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