How did the triangular trade impact the colonies?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The triangular trade impacted the colonies. The triangular trade process involves trade between three places. There were many triangular trade routes. Some routes that impacted the colonies included trade with Great Britain, Africa, and the colonies, trade with Great Britain, the West Indies, and the colonies, and trade with the colonies, the West Indies, and Africa. The West Indies refers to islands in the Caribbean.

In each instance of triangular trade, the colonies were able to receive products they needed from one of the countries involved in the triangular trade. They also were able to send products to one of the countries involved in the triangular trade. For example, with one of the triangular trade routes, the colonies got sugar and molasses from islands in the Caribbean while the colonies sent some of the products they had made to Africa. The islands in the Caribbean received slaves from Africa to complete this triangular trade route. The triangular trade process helped the colonies sell their products and receive products that they needed.