How did the Treaty of Versailles help Hitler to rise to power?  

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The Treaty of Versailles catapulted Hitler into power by cementing Germany's hatred for other European nations and encouraging them to defy the treaty's requirements.

The issue with the Treaty of Versailles was that it was so drastic. It extensively restricted Germany, from its military to its trade and much more, handicapping the country and forcing it pay extremely hefty reparation dues after the first World War. Hitler wisely used this to his advantage.

Already dabbling in radical ideas, and having written the Mein Kampf in prison, Hitler realized that the German people were frustrated by being shackled so drastically by the Treaty of Versailles. He took the opportunity when he began running for election to capitalize on the anti-outsider sentiment and bitterness that was growing up among the people of Germany. By focusing on this, he rallied people behind his cause, eventually using the nation's financial woes to persecute the Jews by accusing them of causing those issues. When the...

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