How did Timothy show he was thinking about Phillip's welfare?

Expert Answers
dswain001 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After Phillip goes blind, Timothy becomes Phillip's eyes and hands for a time. While on the raft, he catches their food and after they land on the cay, he continues to provide food for them and he also builds their shelter. After Phillip goes blind, Timothy refuses to allow him to feel sorry for himself. He teaches Phillip how to fish and weave sleeping mats. Timothy encourages Phillip to overcome his fears and eventually, he does. Phillip climbs the coconut tree and chops down coconuts for he and Timothy to eat and drink. Phillip also gets enough gumption to leave their camp and explore the island on his own. Soon, he no longer needs Timothy to get him food. 

Timothy's last gifts to Phillip are discovered after Timothy's death. Phillip found that Timothy had taken great pains to ensure his welfare in the event of his demise. Timothy had made dozens of fishing poles and secured them to a tree. He took what was left of their supplies from the boat ( a knife, a few squares of chocolate, and some matches) puts them in a tin and places them high in a palm tree.