How did the boys decide to go about being rescued in "Lord of the Flies"? What crucial role did Piggy play in this plan?after reading chapters 1 & 2

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reidalot eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chap. One, the first thing the boys do is vote for a leader, who is Ralph. Ralph establishes order with Piggy's help and that of the conch, the symbol of rule and civilization.Ralph decides that three of them will explore the island, straight off. Through this exploration, Ralph, Simon, and Jack discover the island is uninhabited, and Jack discovers the pigs.

In Chap. Two, Ralph blows the conch and sets about his leadership role. First, it is decided to have, "Lots of rules!" Next, Piggy calls for order, and Ralph decides that they will "Make a fire!" It will be that fire which will signal their rescue. Piggy reminds them at the end of Chap. Two, that they must act proper, and in this way, law and order is established for the present!

bkadilley | Student

They decided that they needed to build a fire up on the mountain, so that it could be seen better. Piggy was a crucial part to this plan because they used his glasses to start the fire.

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