The Constitutional Convention

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How did the US Constitution overcome the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? 

Ways the US Constitution overcame the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation were giving Congress the power to tax, creating additional branches of government, and giving the federal government the ability to create an army.

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Generally speaking, the Articles of Confederation placed far too much power with the state governments and not enough on the federal level. (This was an especially glaring problem, given just how politically vulnerable the United States was at the time, having just emerged from the Revolutionary War.) The Framers of the Constitution perceived this original structure of government as too impractical to effectively function, and with the Constitution, they greatly increased the strength and power of the Federal Government.

Additionally, however, in retrospect, one of the critical weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation was that, as a founding document, it was an extraordinarily inflexible political system. In order to amend the Articles of Confederation, it required there be unanimous agreement among the various states before that amendment could go into effect. (In the modern age, this would mean that all 50 states would have to agree, with even one holdout short circuiting the...

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