How did the US Constitution fix the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?

The US Constitution fixed the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation in ways such as granting the federal government the power to regulate interstate commerce and tax and the sole right to print money.

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Whether the Constitution of the United States represented an improvement upon the earlier Articles of Confederation depended entirely upon one's perspective. As students of American history know, the debate over where to draw the line between centralized and distributed powers was of great significance in the shaping of the country. Ultimately, the issue would be resolved following years of bloody warfare between the Northern and Southern states. The Civil War was fought by the North to prevent the secession of the South, the Confederacy, which wanted far greater powers given to the individual states. At its inception, the United States of America had been unable to definitively resolve the debate. The replacement of the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution represented a temporary resolution of the conflict between those wanting a strong centralized federation and those supporting a looser confederation of individual states. 

Accepting that the Constitution of the United...

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