The Aftermath of World War II

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How did the United States change after World War II?

The United States changed in many ways after World War II, such as by developing a greater desire for consumer goods, seeing itself and being seen by others as a superpower, and becoming more involved in European affairs.

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Long an industrial power, after World War II, the US became hyper-industrialized, the world leader in manufacturing for what would be a very long time.  Our population became permanently more mobile, as our people had been shuffled in large numbers to the west and north, and were truly never a sedentary nation again.  United in war, the country afterwards remained united against communism.  Large numbers of African-Americans moved to major cities in the north and west, and the US economy grew the middle class to its largest and highest standard of living to date.

Ironically, the America that went into World War II, licking its wounds from years of economic depression, emerged from World War II with an unprecedented desire for and access to consumer products, not the least of which was the boom in home ownership.  The modern suburb and all its attendant positives and negatives is rooted in the post World War II era; the beginning of advertising as a multi-million dollar industry...

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