How did the people in the book Hattie Big Sky work through their difficulties?

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The novel focuses on the numerous difficulties that Hattie Brooks, the protagonist, faced. As an adolescent, she embarked on the daunting task of becoming a homesteader in Montana. Kirby Larson portrays her as hard-working and resourceful but also indicates that her success depended on the support she found from neighboring farmers. Many of Hattie’s difficulties were the result of natural obstacles, such as the weather or wolves. Even more, however, Hattie had to contend with opposition from a powerful local figure, Traft Martin, not only on her objectives but the mistreatment of her friends. The time period of the 1910s is significant because the First World War affects life all over the United States. Karl Mueller, who is German, must cope with significant antagonism because Martin and others doubt his loyalty to America.

From the outset, the reader can see that Hattie has already faced adversity in that she is an orphan. When she inherits land from her deceased uncle, the new opportunity seems to offer a way out of her previous hardships. Nevertheless, making a living on the forty-acre farm is far from easy, as she is responsible for everything from fencing to farming. Her friendship with Karl and his wife, Perilee, helps her through the first season. Other farmers such as Leafie Purvis aid with such things as protecting her from intruders. In addition, she receives letters from her friend Charlie, who is a soldier, which helps her realize that others are bravely facing even more challenging obstacles.

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