How did the pastor and his son manage to bring the animals to the island?

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The novel The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss tells the exciting story of a mother and father and their four sons who are shipwrecked on a remote deserted island. To survive, they have to get safely to land from the broken ship and then return to the ship for as much as they can salvage. This includes a number of domestic and farm animals. The Robinsons accomplish removing the animals from the ship in two trips.

First of all, when the family initially goes ashore, they construct a vessel out of empty casks that they saw in half and convert into tubs. They nail these tubs onto a plank to create a sort of rough boat. For that first trip ashore, the family carries along ten hens and two cocks in a covered tub. They set free the geese, ducks, fowls, and pigeons, trusting that they will be able to follow them to shore. Additionally, the two ship's dogs leap off the ship and swim to shore with them.

After the family reaches land, prepares food and rudimentary shelter, and explores their immediate surroundings, the pastor and Fritz, his oldest son, head back to the ship with the purpose of bringing back the heavier livestock and other supplies. When they reach the ship, they fill their boat with tools, weapons, plates, food, and other essentials.

To bring the animals ashore, they prepare flotation devices. Using strong sailcloth and leather thongs, they tie empty casks on either side of the cow and the ass. To help float the other animals, including sheep, goats, and a sow, they tie pieces of cork under them. They also fasten a cord to the neck or horns of each animal. After the animals have been fitted with these safety devices, the pastor and Fritz push them into the water, and the animals swim to shore on their own. Once they reach shallow water where the animals can stand, the pastor and Fritz take off the flotation devices, and the animals walk ashore.

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