The New Deal Questions and Answers

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How did the New Deal reshape the lives of the American people? As always, be sure to offer specifics and avoid vague generalizations.

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Short-term, the New Deal brought hope to various people who did not have employment or relief options. The New Deal put people to work making dams for the Tennessee Valley Authority and parks for the Civilian Conservation Corps. The New Deal also led to people believing that government could and should come to their aid in the event of a financial crisis. Though it took years to fully implement, Social Security took senior citizens out of the workplace and put them into a government retirement plan. The government insured bank deposits through FDIC.

This organization was created in order to restore the public trust in the banking system. The Securities Exchange Commission was created in order to restore the public's trust in the stock market. While none of these attempts at reform and relief lowered the unemployment rate below ten percent, they were effective in creating the notion that the government cared for the working class and the New Deal generated a great deal of future interest in the Democratic party.

Long-term, these New Deal programs continue to shape lives. Millions of people in the Southeast enjoy flood control and electricity generated from TVA dams. The Civilian Conservation Corps created many state parks that are still prime tourist spots. Senior citizens still look forward to drawing Social Security and periodic attempts to change the benefit system are met with loud disapproval. People still enjoy the security of knowing that their bank deposits are insured by the federal government. The SEC still controls Wall Street. The New Deal, though criticized both then and now, continues to affect Americans in how they view the role of the federal government in times of crisis.

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