European Exploration of America

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How did the interactions between Europeans and Native Americans affect the Europeans?  

Interactions with Native Americans affected the Europeans by exposing Europeans to new ways of life that were crucial to their survival. For instance, The Wampanoag people helped settlers in Southeastern Massachusetts survive by teaching them how to properly cook local meats and vegetables. In addition, the cures for many of the deadly diseases Europeans brought were eventually found by native people.

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Europeans generally benefitted from their interactions with Native Americans. As well as being able to help themselves to large swathes of land and wealth that didn't really belong to them, they were able to develop farming techniques that enabled them to make American soil yield a plentiful supply of crops.

When Europeans first arrived in the New World, they struggled to grow crops out of what was to them unfamiliar soil. But thanks largely to the agricultural methods of Native American tribes, the newcomers were eventually able to work the soil to their advantage.

The insatiable hunger for land of the Europeans inevitably led to bitter conflict with Native Americans. This had the effect of consolidating the racist, negative stereotype that Europeans tended to have towards the Indigenous people. Before they set out for the New World, Europeans' understanding of Indigenous culture was virtually nil, confined as it was to scraps of legend and hearsay.

However, what little they knew—or...

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