How Did The Constitution Improve Upon The Articles Of Confederation

How did the Constitution succeed where the Articles of Confederation failed?

The Constitution succeeded where the Articles of Confederation failed by granting the federal government more power, such as the power to tax, assemble a military, and control interstate commerce. This helped to balance the power between the federal and state governments.

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The Constitution succeeded where the Articles failed in its rebalance of power between the federal government and the states. The states had too much power under the articles making the very necessary federal government almost a figurehead.

In addition The Constitution provides ways to solve governmental disputes, but the Articles did not. This was learned by early America the hard way and is why the Judicial Branch and the checks and balances were so carefully crafted in the Constitution.

Lastly, I think (and this just my opinion) the the Constitution was written as a document to serve a nation over time: to allow the nation to become strong and maintain its power and legitimacy with its people. The Articles were created to bind together a group of very separate entities during a time of war. This does not require a lot of forward thinking. I think the framers learned that and looked at writing the Constitution as a completely different task than creating the Articles.

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