How did the children meet Jan in The Silver Sword?

Ruth and Bronia meet Jan when they find him lying on the street outside their shelter. Later, Jan accompanies both girls to Posen to look for Edek. Upon arriving in Posen, they hear that Edek has escaped. The children find him at a refugee feeding station in Kolina, a village to the north of Posen.

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It is Joseph, the children's father, who first becomes acquainted with Jan.

In the story, Joseph finds a silver sword among the rubble of his old home. The sword is small. It's about five inches long and sports a brass hilt engraved with a fire-breathing dragon. The tiny sword is actually a paper-knife Joseph had gifted his wife for her birthday.

While he's cleaning the blade on his jersey, he notices the presence of a small boy. The boy holds a box under one of his arms and a grey kitten in the other.

At first glance, Joseph thinks the boy is his 13-year-old...

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