An Astrologer's Day Questions and Answers
by R. K. Narayan

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How did the astrologer tackle Guru Nayak?

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It's late in the day, and the astrologer is reluctantly giving Guru Nayak a reading. He recognizes the man as the very same person he attacked and threw down a well many years before, leaving him for dead.

As he doesn't want to be recognized by the man he almost killed, he initially refuses to give Guru Nayak a reading. But Guru Nayak insists and grabs the astrologer by the wrist. He also reminds the astrologer that he was the one who'd dragged him in when he was only passing by. When the astrologer had first seen Guru Nayak he didn't recognize him, so he tried to lure Guru Nayak in for a reading. He told the passing stranger how careworn he looked and that it would do him well to sit down for a while and chat with him.

But the astrologer has now come to regret having encouraged Guru Nayak to sit down with him, because the man holding onto his wrist is the very same man he once left for dead down a well. It soon becomes clear that the man is out for revenge, and this naturally makes the astrologer feel pretty uncomfortable. The last thing he wants is to be on the receiving end of some serious payback.

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