How did the Taiping Rebellion and other internal problems weaken the Qing Dynasty?

yayahelligan | Student

The Qing Dynasty (also known as the Manchu Dynasty) had ruled China for a very long time and had become somewhat stagnant. The civil examinations that based on the books of Confucianism led to better jobs for more low or middle income people, who scored well. The upper class became more conservative because more and more were becoming upper class, so they were not considered the elite class anymore. They began to have less and less of a say about political matters and traditions.

Between the Western influences and the Confucian scholars, who were reform –minded servants, who ended up distancing themselves from people and becoming bookworms, by getting into their Confucian books.

Instead of becoming strong warriors, they became laughing stalks and considered “frail weaklings” by other soldiers and farmers. This put the old Dynasty civilization at risk because the European civilizations were moving forward and creating a revolution that would change the world. With this “Western Barbarian Movement,” came changes in Chinese culture, religion, and technology that China had never seen before. Chinese culture and religion had always been the sovereignty that held the establishment together. Now, because Chine was mired in its conservative ways, it could no longer control the European powers and the Western influences started dividing China into different “spheres of influence.” This weakened China even more and the European powers, took over the entire culture of China.

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