How did the Supreme Court decisions of 2003 indicate that the rights revolution was here to stay?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were two major areas in which Supreme Court decisions of 2003 showed this.  These were the areas of affirmative action and gay rights.

In affirmative action, there were two cases regarding affirmative action policies at the University of Michigan.  In both cases, the Court refused to say that it was illegal to take race into account in making admissions decisions.  They strike down the undergraduate policy because it put too much emphasis on race, but it did not ban race-conscious policies in general.

In gay rights, there was the case of Lawrence v. Texas.  In this case, the Court held that laws that prohibit sexual acts between people of the same sex are illegal.  This was the first time that the Court found a constitutional right to same-sex contact.  This was a huge victory for gay rights advocates.

In these ways, decisions of the Court in 2003 can be said to have continued the "rights revolution."