How did the supernatural contribute to Macbeth's death?

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The Weird Sisters' ability to disappear at will and conjure apparitions to speak to Macbeth about his future convince him of their supernatural powers. But because it is Macduff who delivers the fatal blows to Macbeth, the Weird Sisters are not directly responsible for his death. Their role is in helping to awaken the ruthlessness in Macbeth that accompanies the ambition that he naturally possesses.

Macduff kills Macbeth for at least two reasons: Macbeth has arranged for the murder of Macduff's wife and children, and so Macduff exacts his personal revenge. At the same time, Macduff is a true Scottish patriot, and he knows that it is Malcolm's right to claim the throne of Scotland, not Macbeth.

Macbeth has no fear of Macduff because he interprets the prophecy from the apparition that "no man born of woman shall harm Macbeth" to mean that he is invulnerable. Because these ambiguous words from a supernatural source mislead Macbeth, he takes actions that provoke Macduff's violence.

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Though it's Macbeth's own ambition that ultimately causes his downfall, his demise is helped along by the supernatural forces that lurk on the fringes of the play. Indeed, it's the Weird Sisters' prophecy that convinces Macbeth to embark on his murderous rampage in the first place. Though the witches are supernatural beings who don't seem to be fully part of the normal, conventional world, they don't seem to have any problem toying with the lives of humans, as they tell Macbeth deceiving half-truths that encourage his rise to power and, later on, his false sense of security. Thus, though Macbeth makes personal choices that lead to his decline and eventual death on the battlefield, his decisions are influenced by the supernatural forces represented by the Weird Sisters. It makes one wonder what might have happened if Macbeth had never encountered the three witches.

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