How did Squeaky change throughout the story "Raymond's Run?"  

Squeaky changes throughout "Raymond's Run" by going from someone who only understands what Raymond can't do to someone who understands what he can do. Initially, Squeaky sees her disabled little brother as someone who needs protecting from the world, but by the end of the story, Squeaky's realized that Raymond is so much more than that. He has remarkable athletic abilities, which Squeaky's only too keen to help develop.

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Squeaky loves her brother Raymond dearly, and does everything she can to protect him from the dangers of everyday living, as well as the cruel taunts of the mean girls at school. At the same time, she has to combine protecting her brother with training as an athlete. It's by no means an easy task, but it's one that Squeaky has gotten used to by now. A strong, self-reliant character, Squeaky has developed multi-tasking skills that would put many grown adults to shame.

Inevitably, this means that Squeaky lives in a kind of bubble from which it's incredibly hard to escape. Squeaky would never admit it, but her brother's serious disability and his constant need to be looked out for prevent her from doing more of the kinds of things she wants to do in life. Thank goodness she has athletics as an outlet.

However, once Squeaky discovers, to her amazement, just how fast a runner Raymond is, new vistas immediately open up to her. Now, for the first time, she's found a way to combine her training...

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