How did Squanto help the pilgrims survive a difficult beginning in their Plymouth colony?

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Squanto was a lifesaver for the Pilgrims when they first arrived at Plymouth colony.  Because of a difficult voyage, the Pilgrims arrived much later in the year than they had planned.  As a result, the growing season was over.  In addition, the Pilgrims had to figure out where a good place to settle would be. Another obstacle to overcome was the presence of Native Americans who were suspicious of the Pilgrims and who weren’t very friendly toward them.  Squanto changed all of this.  With Squanto’s help, the Pilgrims were shown how to grow crops that could survive in the climate of the region.  Squanto also showed the Pilgrims where a good place to settle would be.  Squanto also helped the Pilgrims establish a friendly relationship with the Native Americans.  It is fair to say, the survival of the Pilgrims was greatly enhanced by the assistance Squanto provided.