How do the main characters in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close cope with their loss?

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The other Educator did a good job of explaining the three different ways that Oskar and his grandparents deal with loss. However, the character of Oskar's mother also shows an interesting dimension in the unique ways different people experience and handle loss. Oskar seeks ways to feel a sense of immediate connection to his father, and he is confused by his mother's different attitude toward loss. Feeling that it is too soon, he is angry and resentful that she has decided to date again.

However, his mother, tasked with the difficult job of raising a child in the midst of profound personal and national grieving, has no choice but to look ahead and to remain a calm, stabilizing presence for her son. She tries to do the quirky little things with him that his father used to do, like scan The New York Times looking for typos, but she fails to fill the void left behind by his death. For much of the...

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