How did Simon Finch make his money?

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Simon Finch is Scout's ancestor, who fled religious persecution in England and immigrated to the United States, where he made "a pile practicing medicine" before he bought three slaves and established a homestead on the banks of the Alabama River. Before establishing a self-sufficient plantation named Finch's Landing forty miles above Saint Stevens, Simon was a successful fur-trapping apothecary. On Finch's Landing, Simon made his fortune on the backs of his slaves by selling cotton until the Civil War disrupted his lucrative business. Following the Civil War, Simon Finch lost most of his wealth but retained his property, which was passed down to his ancestors. Atticus, Jack, and Alexandra all grew up on Finch's Landing, and Scout visits the homestead for a Christmas gathering in chapter 9. Aunt Alexandra is the last remaining member of her family who still lives on Finch's Landing.

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Simon Finch was the patriarch of the Finch family, and he established himself in Alabama after a time spent in England. He was an apothecary (what in modern day would be a pharmacist) and a fur trader.

We know that Simon Finch establish the Finch farm in Alabama, which was another way in which he made his living for his wife and family. In all, there was Simon, his wife, a daughter named Alexandra, and two male sons named Jack (a doctor) and Atticus Finch which, as we know is a lawyer.  The name of the farm was Finch Landings and it was  managed by the daughter, Alexandra.

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