How did the Simon Commission affect Gandhi and his followers?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To a great extent, the Simon Commission demonstrated a fundamental truth to Gandhi and his followers.  Essentially, the Commission was charged with drafting a course of action for India in the future.  Yet, the Commission was comprised of only British leaders.  Not a single Indian was present on the "All- White Commission."  For Gandhi and his followers, this proved to be a rallying point.  Such convergence revolved around how the British do not see Indians in an equal light.  In determining the future for their country, not a single Indian was included.  The chant of "Simon Go Back" helped to crytstallize a feeling of resentment that had been growing in India.  

The Simon Commission helped to galvanize this resentment amongst Indians of all social divisions.  The belief was that Britain did not respect Indians enough to include them in an committee that was responsible for charting the course of India.  In this, Gandhi and his followers were able to point to an event that demonstrated the inherent inequality and disrespect that existed the British had towards the Indians.  The Simon Commission, though it did not intend to do so, did much strengthen the claims of Gandhi and his followers.