How did Shakespeare influence the world today?

loraaa | Student

Shakespeare once said" The world is a stage and we all are its players''. Waiting for every entry and exit. Yes it is absolutely true that the world is a stage and we all are participants in this big play called "life". The play's name is yet to be decided but the actors are always ready. In today's world it is very difficult to decide who is the actor and who is real. People come into this world as simple innocuous beings and then they metamorphose into ingenious products who try to back stab everybody they come in contact with.
What Shakespeare wrote ages back seems to hold true echelons after his death.

Macbeths are so common these days. In their desire to power, lust for position, people are deploying all kind of machiavellian plots against each other. You are simply dumb-founded at the way the society is undergoing moral deprecation these days. Whether it is women or men the characters of people have underwent a sea change.

There is no beauty left in this world anymore. Simply the beauty of plants and animals. Another Shakespearean play which can be applied to today's situation is Othello which really highlights the how cruel a jealous lover can become especially if he is a man. How atrocious of a man or a husband to kill his own wife by smothering her. Nothing can get more cruel than this. It can be described as masculinity by some. But in reality, this shows the rawness of the character of Othello. It showed that inferiority of his social stature. The values he had imbued because of being related to lower social strata led to such an atrocious action on his part.

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