The French and Indian War (The Seven Years' War)

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How did the Seven Years' War affect the British in North America?

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As a result of the Seven Years' War, Great Britain dramatically increased its territorial presence in North America, gaining control of Canada as well as lands west to the Mississippi. In terms of national prestige and global power, the Seven Years' War was an absolute success.

However, the war itself placed a tremendous burden on the British economy, a factor which would prove critical in shaping the American Revolution. The Proclamation of 1763, which aimed to prevent hostilities with Native Americans by barring settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains, created resentment among colonists. Additionally, as the British began to impose new taxes and to more stringently enforce mercantile law in the colonies, this also led to the rise of tensions between the colonials and the British government. These rising tensions would eventually culminate in the American Revolution (and the creation of the United States).

However, despite the loss of its North American colonies, Great Britain...

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