How did the Seven Days Battle affect the area around the war zone?

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seaofknowledge eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Seven Days Battle took place during the American Civil War. It was a series of battles between the Union and Confederate armies in Richmond, Virginia in 1862. These were difficult battles and both sides suffered heavy losses. Neither side came out victorious but the result was a little more bright for the Confederate army. In most practical terms, these battles and the lack of a clear victory for the Union caused the Civil War to continue. There were also certain effects to the region.

Richmond remained a Confederate Capital for several more years and the Union army returned to the area of the James River.

The battles had the most significant effect on Richmond which was very much in the war zone. It made the city a strategic location for the Confederate army. The war caused Richmond to become a center for manufacturing and production, mostly for artillery and other equipment and goods required by the troops.

All was not happy and well however. Much of the farmland around Richmond was turned into battlefields and trenches. Significant physical changes took place geographically around the war zone. Even areas outside the battlefields became locations for refugees, prisoners and injured soldiers. Food was scarce and was rationed. Diseases were also an issue.