In A Separate Peace, how did the setting and tone change in Devon in the summer and in the winter?

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You have identified a key part of the narration - how the seasons mirror the tone and events of the novel. Well done! The summer season and mood at Devon is described just after Finny has managed to talk him and Gene out of getting into trouble because they missed a meal through jumping out of the tree. Gene comments:

That was the way the Masters tended to treat us that summer. They seemed to be modifying their usual attitude of floating, chronic disapproval. During the winter most of them regarded anything unexpected in a student with suspicion, seeming to feel that anything we said or did was potentially illegal. Now on these clear June days in New Hampshire they appeared to uncoil, they seemed to believe that we were with them about half the time, and only spent the other half trying to make fools of them. A streak of tolerance was detectable; Finny decided that they were beginning to show commendable signs of maturity.

Note how a metaphor is used to describe the teachers - like snakes,...

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