How did sectionalism separate the United states over economical issues?  

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Sectionalism impacted the United States in many ways. One of the ways was regarding economic issues.

The South and the North were very different economically. The South was primarily a farming region. The North was mainly an industrial area. Therefore, the economic needs of each region were different. The North wanted the government to protect their industries. They wanted high protective tariffs on products made in other countries, especially those products made in Europe. This would make European products more expensive. As a result, people would buy American products. This would benefit the northern industries.

The South was against the protective tariff. The protective tariff made it more expensive for the South to buy products they needed. Since they bought products from Europe, the cost of those products increased because of the protective tariff. The protective tariff also could hurt the trade the South had with Europe.

The North wanted internal improvement projects. These projects would aid in the transportation of products. However, internal improvement products caused taxes to rise since it costs money to build roads and canals. The South was generally against these projects because many southerners traveled by using the rivers. They didn’t want to pay more in taxes for these internal improvement products.

There were economic differences between the North and the South. These differences helped to divide these regions.

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