How did Scrooge start the day for Bob Cratchit after Christmas?

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Scrooge starts the day as normal—or he appears to start the day as normal. Because when Bob Cratchit comes through the door a full eighteen and a half minutes late for work, Scrooge is beavering away at his desk, same as always, his face like thunder. Poor old Bob must be scared out of his wits. But that's nothing compared to how shocked he must be when Scrooge takes off his miser's mask and tells him that he's going to raise his salary. A raise? From Scrooge? Bob can't believe his own ears. In fact, he thinks that his boss has taken leave of his senses, and seriously considers calling for someone to bring a straitjacket.

But Scrooge isn't mad; he's simply seen the error of his ways. His generosity towards his long-suffering employee is completely genuine. And as well as a hefty raise, Scrooge promises Bob that he's going to do whatever he can to help his family, whose terrible plight touched him so deeply when the Ghost of Christmas Present came to pay him a visit. From now on, Scrooge will be a second father to the Cratchit family and a good friend to Bob.

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In short, Scrooge starts Crachit's day with the shock of his life. When Cratchit arrives to work "eighteen minutes and a half" late, Scrooge treats him with the same malevolent demeanor he has "for many a year," and as Scrooge is scolding and poking at Cratchit causing him to back away from him with fear, Scrooge gives him the shock of his life by telling him that he is going to raise his salary " which causes Cratchit to tremble and consider knocking Scrooge down with a ruler and screaming for someone to get a strait-jacket, for he thinks Scrooge has gone insane.  

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Do you mean Scrooge?

Lucky old Bob Cratchit arrives for work the day after Christmas to find a different Scrooge! At first, because he is precisely eighteen minutes late, Scrooge doesn't seem to have changed and appears all ready to give poor Bob a torrent of verbal abuse. Then, he seems to remember himself and his new ways and starts to smile. He prepares a bowl of lovely warm punch for them both and says they will sit down together for a chat about raising Bob's salary! Lucky Bob must have wondered what he and his family had done to deserve such a change of heart. It seems that Scrooge has done enough to produce a change of heart just in time to save his soul as he is already quite old. We get the impression that he will live long enough to enjoy a few more years helping the Cratchit family.

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