How was the Roman Army responsible for the rise of the Roman civilization?we're doing a project about ancient Rome

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dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Roman Army played a tremendous role in the rise of Roman power. When Rome won a battle, it would request that men from the area join the army. Although they would 'ask' it clearly possessed an element of force. Having said that, what is important to understand is that the growing army included men from many places creating a centralized Roman identity. Early Roman society had an inclusive nature about it, enabling different peoples to 'feel' Roman. While it was true that not all conquered peoples could become Roman citizens immediately, they were able to share in some of the rights of Roman citizens. The Roman Army also offered the greatest protection the ancient world had to offer. It could be argued that being taken over by Rome did have some advantages. The army also served as a unifying force for the civilization, both emotionally and physically. As the army grew the civilization grew, people developed an emotional sense of national identity. Roads were built by the army to physically connect the ever growing Roman civilization. In both of these cases as well as others it was the Roman army that led the way in creating this ancient civilization.