Robinson Crusoe Questions and Answers
by Daniel Defoe

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How did Robinson Crusoe's character change spiritually? Can you identify at least three examples that would be controls in a research paper of how be became more religious throughout his journey. 

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Although it is a cliche to say that Defoe's The Life and and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner (1719) is a spiritual biography, the novel is just that: before his ill-fated voyage, Crusoe is at odds with both his father and his God,

and my conscience, which was not yet come to the pitch of hardness to which it has since, reproached me with the contempt of advice, and the breach of my duty to God and my father ( (7),

and at the conclusion of his voyage, he comments that his life has been characterized, so far, "Providence's chequer-work" (259), acknowledging the role of God in the outcome of his adventures.

At many points after Crusoe's religious conversion, he makes very conventional statements about "God's grace" and the "power of Providence" as an integral part of his life.  These are statements that any outwardly religious person might make on a daily basis, but in his fourth year on the island, Crusoe discusses his...

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