How did the rise of capitalism lead to the development of communism? Can anyone help me answer the question how the rise of capitalism lead to the development of communism?This is one paragraph of a long essay and the only area I'm struggling on, I've submitted it twice, every other area has come back perfect but the grader keeps saying I need to provide more details on how the rise of capitalism lead to the development of communism. I've tried researching it as I'm not familiar with this subject at all, but I'm finding information that is more vague than mine was to begin with. Please help!

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Marx's theories regarding history had a great impact on the development of communism. Marx argued that history was filled with class struggles between the oppressed and their oppressors. Marx believed that before modern times, the struggle existed between wealthy landowners and the poor peasants who worked the land. With the growth of industry and capitalism, Marx saw a shift in his theory. He believed it was now the capitalists, the factory owners also known as the bourgeoisie, who were taking advantage of the factory workers (the proletariat class). Marx believed that the factory owners benefited and grew extremely wealthy off of the workers who produced the goods. He felt that the factory owners increased their wealth and power simply because they owned the means of production.

Marx's communist theory involving the proletariat (factory workers) eventually launched a...

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