How did Renaissance worldview differ from Medieval worldview?

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During Medieval times in Europe (or as it is often referred to, the Dark Ages) there was a general lack of learning and frankly understanding of many issues and ideas.  During the medieval period in Europe, what little learning and knowledge that was on hand was dominated by the Catholic church.  Therefore, questions of worldly manners, were naturally given a religious minded answer.  On the flip side of the coin, during the Renaissance there was a re-birth or return of knowledge and learning that had not been seen in Europe since the days of the ancient Roman and Greek empires.  In short, the world view of the Renaissance shifted (slowly but surely) away from religious explanations and more toward that of scientific explanations.  A prime example might be the stories of men like Galileo and da Vinci... both of whom challenged widely held religous ideas with scientific notions, and both of whom were scorned by certain aspects of European society for doing so.