How did the Renaissance worldview differ from the medieval worldview?

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The Medieval worldview was drastically different than that of the Renaissance era. 

In the Medieval period, feudalism was a way of life: there was no middle class. Instead, feudal lords controlled the land, which was worked by peasants that were kept in poverty with no hope of owning anything or slipping away from the oppressive control of the nobility. 

This was also a time of several plagues, which began in the fourteenth century. The Black Death, otherwise known as the Bubonic Plague, ravaged Europe several times. Perhaps this was the most devastating catastrophe that afflicted medieval society. In the span of three years, the Black Death killed one third of all the people in Europe.

This traumatic population change coming into the Late Middle Ages caused great changes in European culture and lifestyle. 

It can be argued that the most important element of the time was the Roman Catholic Church, which dominated everyday facet of life in medieval times (which was also known as the...

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