How did religion guide the lives of both rulers and ordinary people in ancient Egypt?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Religion was extremely important to ancient Egyptian society, and very closely intertwined with the pharaoh's rulership of the nation. Egypt was polytheistic, with many individual gods have responsibility for different regions and different aspects of life. Various forms of prayer and ritual accompanied birth, death, marriage, and important events such as the annual sowing and harvest. People worshiped the gods on feast days and often had private shrines and amulets for regular daily worship. Religion was especially important in terms of how the Egyptians thought of death. The wealthy invested massive amounts of effort into ensuring that they would have a luxurious life after death. They built elaborate tombs, including the famous pyramids, with statues that would become servants in the world of the dead. The guidance was mainly in the form of specifying rituals and actions.

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