How did the refrigerator impact the world?

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Refrigeration is the process by which an object is kept below room temperature. Refrigeration is a method that allows humans to preserve many items. A large benefit to refrigeration is preserving food. Refrigeration helps to preserve food because most bacterial growth is slowed in cooler temperatures.  

Below are just a few examples as to how refrigeration has had an impact on the world, in regards to food.

- Refrigeration saves people a lot of time in the following ways.

  • Prior to refrigeration, foods were preserved via either pickling, drying, salt curing, canning, or jamming. Such processes are timely.
  • Because of refrigeration, humans are able to keep more food within their homes. Prior to refrigeration, people had to shop more often and in smaller quantities. Not having to go food shopping as often also saves people a lot of time.

- Refrigerated trucks allow for the transportation of foods. As a result, people now have a greater variety of nutrients within their diets.

- As long as food is not overbought, refrigeration can decrease the amount of food that a household discards. In this way, refrigeration can help save people money.

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