How did Reconstruction from 1865-1877 fail politically?How did Reconstruction from 1865-1877 fail politically?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there could be many explanations as to why Reconstruction failed politically.  One stunning reality was that the frayed nation was not healed nor sufficiently unified.  The stinging chasm that existed between North and South was not remedied as a result of Reconstruction.  Sectionalism seemed to still exist at an almost as high level as it did before the Civil War.  From a political standpoint, Reconstruction failed because it failed to address the fundamental problem that existed in the nation at the outset of the Civil War.  The question of how people of color, specifically African- Americans, would be brought into the new nation was something that Reconstruction had to address from a political standpoint.  Failure to adequately address it from a political level is what helped to advance the Civil War.  The fact that the war was fought, the nation broken, lives lost and uprooted would only demand that the next set of political legacies would fix, or at the very least, resolve the problem.  Yet, while Reconstruction sought to do this very job, it did not really provide a clear understanding for people of color, specifically African- Americans, as to how they would fit into the political spectrum of America. In this light, I think that one has to consider Reconstruction a political failure on some level.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Reconstruction failed because there was no way the Southernors were going to accept the North's terms. Pride was very important in the South, and Reconstruction did not allow Southernors to keep their pride. They had to accept the intervention and interference of the North, and they did not like it.

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