How did Ray say goodbye to Susie in The Lovely Bones?

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book The Lovely Bones Ray is the boy Suzie was in love with.  Suzie dies before thy can ever have a real relationship.  He becomes friends with the girl who has the ability to see the dead, Ruth. 

Ray and Ruth are together when Ruth sees women's bloody clothing in a trunk after Mr. Harvey dumps a woman's body into a sinkhole.  At this time Suzie becomes able to enter Ruth's body.  Suzie passes by Ruth as she falls to earth.  She appears as Ruth but soon Ray realizes it is Suzie.  Suzie has been waiting a long time to kiss him.

Suzie in Ruth's body and Ray kisses her.  She gets him to take her to Hal's Bike shop.  In Ruth's body she gets into the tub and invites Ray to join her.  He calls her Suzie when he tells her that he is not like that.  He asks her about Heaven.  He realizes she will be gone soon.  They make love and spend some time together.  Suzie tells him that the dead are among the living and that he has to read Ruth's journals. 

Ray was able to let go of Suzie once he had been with her.  He knew she was happy and that she had returned to heaven.  He lays with Ruth later at his mother's in his bed.  He walks over and picks up her journals and begins to read them.  He is free.

sid-sarfraz | Student

In the book " lovely bones" Suzie is in love with ray but she never gets to say it Because of her sudden unexpected unfair death. 

Before her death ray sends her a love letter through which she came to know that he loves her too. 

When the killer is dumping bloody clothes  in the garbage in the end, then ray gets to say goodbye to Suzie. Ray is with his friend Ruth who can see dead people. Suzie enters Ruth body. There ray and Suzie communicate and Suzie tells him about her being happy in heaven and then they share a good bye kiss.

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