Ralph Nader

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How did Ralph Nader help to bring about a revolution for consumers? 

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Ralph Nader helped to bring about a revolution for consumers by becoming the first major voice for consumer concerns since the Progressive Era.  In the 1960s and 1970s, Nader became very famous for pushing for consumer protection in areas like automobiles and food.

Nader first came to prominence with his crusade against cars like the Chevrolet Corvair and others that neglected safety in favor of profitability.  This led to his book Unsafe at Any Speed which had a tremendous impact on attitudes about automobile safety.

Nader went on to form an infrastructure for consumer protection efforts.  For example, he created many consumer protection groups.  These included the umbrella group Public Citizen and the Public Interest Research Group.  These ensured that consumer protection efforts would expand beyond Nader’s own efforts.  In these ways, Nader helped to bring about a revolution that brought much more attention to issues of consumer protection.

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