How did the Radley House get its reputation? Do you think it was deserved?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Radley Place has a negative reputation throughout the community of Maycomb and is regarded as a depressed, lonely place, where a "malevolent phantom" resides. The Radley Place is a dilapidated home with rotten shingles and distressed siding. There are weeds throughout the yard, and a raggedy fence surrounds the neglected building. The Radley family is also a reclusive bunch, who do not socialize with the other families in the community, which also adds to the negative reputation of the household. Boo Radley's enigmatic nature and situation also influence the home's negative reputation. While the appearance of the Radley Place is the reason behind the negative rumors and reputation of the family, it is unfair to generalize that the Radleys are malevolent people simply because they live in a dilapidated, unwelcoming home. Drawing conclusions about a family's lifestyle and nature by the appearance of their home would not be fair and is not an accurate assessment of their personal worth. 

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